How to start playing poker online correctly. List of first steps

The opportunity to play in poker rooms attracts thousands of users, with each day the audience of such projects is growing. If you are just beginning to understand how to play poker and win, it is advised not to rush with large deposits, and it is better to start with tentative chips. The virtual variant has some differences from the offline game. П The rules are the same, but it is important to consider the nuances. For example, you will not be able to “read” the opponent’s facial expressions and movements.

Choose a poker room

The more popular the poker room, the stronger the players in it are. When choosing, consider not only your personal impression of the interface, but also bonuses, promotions, deposit and withdrawal methods. No deposit bonus is difficult to get, but on the first deposit you get from 100-200%, depending on the conditions of the room.


The option for registration can be found on the main page. Do not forget that you should specify only real data, otherwise there will be problems with the payment in the future. Think up a nickname – it is the first contribution to the creation of the game image and the first thing that your opponents will know about you. Some people choose bright, memorable nicknames. Others prefer to stay in the shadows. It’s up to you.

Test the poker room

At this stage it is recommended to play for free, if the functionality of the poker room provides such an opportunity. You’ll be able to practice and then move on to real betting with more confidence. If free play is not available, start with freerolls, they are always on the schedule.


If you are ready to play for real money, make a deposit in a convenient way, through a bank card Visa, MasterCard or with an e-wallet, such as Webmoney. The minimum deposit amount is $10-15. Do not forget about the bonus on your first deposit, read the terms of receipt carefully. In some poker-rums it is not given automatically, you need to enter the promotion code in the corresponding window when registering to the support service. For more information on how to play poker game, visit the poker room website in the “Promotions” section or click on one of the promotional banners.


Here comes the fun part – how to play online poker in US. You probably know the rules of poker, but you don’t know enough. Study the strategies, learn how to use them and master the basics of managing your initial capital. That’s where the tips from the pros can come in handy, from books and videos. Do not hurry to conquer the limits, but do not spend too much time with the conditional chips. Even the humblest stakes, up to $1, will teach you a lot more than free play.

Features of Online Poker

Almost all books on how to play poker basics, poker strategies and math can be applied to playing online. But online poker will take some getting used to, especially if you’ve only played the “live” version before.

The main difference with virtual poker is that you can’t use “telles”. The player does not see his opponent and is deprived of additional information, on which he could lean. After a few dozen hands, there is already a chance to orient yourself in the opponent’s tactics, but the game is still more risky and unpredictable than offline.


There is an important advantage. You can’t go to the casino without money. On the Internet, you can start with a minimum bankroll, using bonuses and multiplying small deposits. The easiest recipe for those who do not know how to play poker beginners, that’s exactly it. Deposit a small amount, learn the poker room functionality, improve your skills, and build up your capital.